Your dog is more than your pet: he is your friend and your faithful and loyal companion for life. He deserves all your love and affection. One of the ways you can show him you truly care for him as much as he cares for you is to give him toys and accessories he will love.

Timely offers a range of ecofriendly dog products that not only look great on your pooch; they also make him feel comfortable and, importantly, they are safe. Made from natural organic materials and dyed using natural organic colors, these are absolutely safe should he get it into his mind to have a good chew. If she is a lady she is sure to love our frisky quad layered collar chrome accessories and if it is a guy he will strut around in the hand stitched collar attached to a 5-in-one two colored adjustable flat lead in genuine leather.

Timely is your best source of pet-friendly products like leads, collars, bows, bow ties, adjustable leads and no hair matting accessories created by dog lovers for dog lovers. Make your dog feel proud, loved and adored: give him Timely eco-friendly dog products. We care for you, we care for your best friend.